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for maintenance and updates, or take the project internal is up to you.
Source Code Ownership
You know what they say – three
is a crowd. That’s why we keep everything in-house. Our developers, designers, project managers, and everything in between are all our own vetted and trained team members. This allows us to ensure high-quality and on-time projects.
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Back Office Automation with UiPath or RoboCorp by Certified Developers. Visit Comston Robotics
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of work to be delivered.
Once you approve our proposal, we will assign a product manager and team of developers who will work with you every step of the way.
You’ll enjoy daily and weekly check-ins until your app is live, and ongoing support and iteration from there
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successful RPA projects
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inhouse developers
successful projects
years experience
Comston follows IFSQ (Institute for Software Quality) standards
Whatever your software development needs are, our experts are standing by to deliver your build on time and as specified.
Customers are grateful to our team for accomplishing the tasks at a high level, with excellent results and on time.
Such assessment of computer program source code helps us to develop better products for you, building them in the most efficient way with the use of optimal resources saving up to 70% of your expenses.
We are proud to say that we keep to Level 3 in Institute for Software Quality standards, the highest level defined by the association.
$400 Billion
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How can I protect my idea from…
First of all, you should always request an NDA form to sign from any company you are dealing with. As non-disclosure agreements are an important legal framework used to protect sensitive and confidential information from being made available by the recipient of that information.
How soon can I launch my product?
It depends on the scope of the project, for example, average time for app development can take from 3-4 months.
Do you help my newly developed application to go public?
Yes, we have great marketing partners who are GURU at what they do. They specialize in growing newly developed start ups and ongoing businesses to maximise their profit with their best industry experience.
How do you develop my project?
We have IT consultants who specialize in each industry. For example, if a project is related to trucking then our IT consultant in logistics industry joins to the team and he gives his best advices based on his experience.
Can I give my advices to the project?
As we have an experience in every industry we know ups and downs of your product, also we won't just develop your app based on your requirements, every idea deeply researched to make the application outstand in the market.
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